I’ve been watching ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. I wish I hadn’t seen how many episodes there were. I’m glad there’s that many because it’s so good but it’s hard to feel any kind of suspense when you know the story is going to go for another 5 million hours.  

Is this what the end of the world feels like? 

Green Scream followed a desire to express what an awareness of the climate crisis feels like. It was developed from a daily practice of automatic writing alongside tending to a petri dish of slime mould that was ordered online from California. This has resulted in a series of loosely connected narratives told from a position surrounded by the green screen – a physical site of performance and focus for cultural and personal research.

Green Scream (work in progress) 10 minute video for Vivid Live TV curated by Alex Billingham.

Green Scream 20 minute performance supported by Arts Council England and supported through studio space by Vivid Projects and Camden People’s Theatre.


Louise Orwin

Artist, Writer & Performer
Rosa Postlethwaite

Artist & Researcher
Laurie Ramsell

Videographer & Photographer
Duaine Carma Roberts