COMPOSED (2018 – 2019) 

Drawing on her experience as an Arts organisation employee, Rosa examines the relationship between a spokesperson and their institution. Taking on familiar roles, she performs an in-house announcement, a thank-you to the sponsors, a warm-up act…

Composed is an investigation into social convention and contained fury. A high octane show dealing with apologetic addresses, revved-up entrepreneurial spiel and whether or not you are asking for it.

All performances are Relaxed, Audio-Described and Captioned.


Rosa Postlethwaite delivers a quietly devastating performance in her thought-provoking solo show about the arts industry” – ★★★★ The Stage 

“Rosa Postlethwaite’s solo play is an intelligent, bold and thought-provoking look at the act of feeling” – ★★★★ Liam O’Dell Review

“Irony gets in the way” – ★★★ Guardian Review 

Research and Development supported by Arts Council England, North East Artist Development Network, Gateshead Council, Dance City, ARC Stockton, GIFT Festival, Camden People’s Theatre, Tron Theatre CREATIVE and Gala Theatre. Autumn 2019 Tour supported by Arts Council England.


Creator and Performer
Rosa Postlethwaite

Creative Advisers
Lizzie J Klotz, Nicola Singh, Lois Weaver

Jamie Cook

Michael Morgan

Audio Description Consultant
Michael Davies 

Rosa Postlethwaite 

Photography above
Jassy Earl

Content warning: references to sexual harassment and institutional violence. Loud prolonged scream and haze.

Age guidance: 14+