“It was a privilege to be among the audience for Animating Tremors and the performance has really stayed with me. 

I found it incredibly moving and affecting and the whole performance was superbly well paced and executed. It felt like it brought together manifold layers of contemporary and historic references. 

Resonances of healing, vulnerability and survival came through strongly for me.” 

Elizabeth Brown

IKON Gallery Curator


Animating tremors

This performance explores tension release through body and breath. The body is voluntarily shaking to dispel energy. The materials for this work are a body, a room and a rosemary bush. 

Two-hour durational performance. 


Rosa Postlethwaite 

Supported by

Vivid Projects

Ikon Gallery 

Photography by

Cathy Wade 

Previous Presentation 

Presented as part of Melati Suryodarmo’s exhibition Passionate Pilgrim (17 May – 3 September 2023). 

This exhibition is supported by Bagri Foundation, British Council through the Connections Through Culture grants programme, Birmingham City University, University of Leeds, and the Melati Suryodarmo Exhibition Circle: A.I. Gallery; ShanghART, Tanya Michele Amador and Michiel Verhoeven; and Michelangelo and Lourdes Samson.

It is developed in collaboration with Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN), Jakarta, Indonesia.