by Luca Rutherford

Punk stuff. Fun stuff. Silliness. You Over There looks at what happens when we make stuff and do stuff in a way we are not supposed to. I want to invite you to be a punk with me. Shout loudly, dance stupidly, stay still and whisper if you want to, but stand in the garage with me and give a bit of you for a piece of me.

Luca Rutherford: I am a writer and performer based in Newcastle and an associate artist of ARC, Stockton. I currently touring my first solo show Learning How To Die and working on a new collaborative project There Are A Few Things That Matter Very Much; looking at mental health through the lens of mental well being, challenging human judgment and capacity for kindness. Excited by cross media collaboration, I have written and performed for classical pianist Yoshie Kawamura making On The Edge of Piano Poetry for Books on Tyne Festival at The Lit & Phil. |

Photo: Chris Bishop