by Kira Street


The project Taking Care of Business is a solo piece of work about love, obsession, desperation, exhaustion and heart break. The work explores the life of Pricilla Presley, wife of Elvis Presley, and asks what if she, like myself, had remained just a fan girl? Instead she found herself in a world surrounded by money, fame, control, secrets, lies, insomnia and spiritual quests. The extract presented explores my own relationship with the man behind the leather jumpsuit. It looks at my own genuine love for ‘The King’ she was married to and my desperate attempts to be as close to him as possible; the journey to becoming Elvis.

Kira Street is a theatre maker and performer based in the North East of England. Her highly physical and visual work combines elements of theatre, art and movement. Whether it is standing for hours while you apply paint, glitter and feathers, being held at gun point by a Nerf Super Soaker Zombie water gun or dancing to Elvis songs for six hours; her work experiments with the limitations of the human body and often explores the concept of ‘control’.