Matt Miller

Suzanne Tweddle is a girl of two halves: Beauty queen and part time eco warrior. Spoken word practitioner and instigator of family quarrels. She’s trying to save the world one poem at a time, but can’t quite get her head around why she hasn’t yet been made leader of the free world yet. It would make everything much easier, wouldn’t it? And not just for her, for everyone. She really only thinks about other people. And animals. Never herself. Honest. . .

Matt Miller is a writer and performer based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He has performed his poetry at the Nottingham Playhouse, the Olympic Park and various pubs and cafes in Nottingham and Newcastle. As an actor, he received a commendation at the National Student Drama Festival 2013, and as a playwright had his first play ‘Back to Oblivion’ shortlisted for the festival the following year.

In 2014 he was selected as one of BBC Three’s Verb New Voices, and performed his poem ‘River Fragments’ on the radio. In 2015, he was made artist in residence at Live Theatre and co-wrote a show about the dangers of going to Mars forever. His first solo show ‘Sticking’ explores themes of place, identity and getting lost, and has been described as ‘a poetic and rebellious story of love, fear and sex.’ |

Photo: Chris Bishop