In 2015, Rosa Postlethwaite and Hannah Walker created, Savvy B a 15 minute performance for bars, clubs and living rooms looking at how drinking effects self-confidence and the pros and cons of letting go and pushing the boundaries. After the show they had a chat with the audience about who they become when they drink. An Evening with Savvy B was based on autobiographical material but shaped by these pop-up shows. Click here to learn more about the full length productions.

Hannah & Rosa would like to thank everyone at St Peter’s Social Club, Prohibition Bar, and Harvest Canteen  for making us feel so at home and sharing your stories.

This research was funded by the Arts Council of England and the Sunday for Sammy Trust.



Introductions and Public Personas was a two hour workshop around making autobiographical performance aimed at people with no experience in theatre making but interested in trying something new. It involved sharing the exercises we use in the studio and showing extracts from An Evening with Savvy B as material from which to start conversations about public personas.

Genuinely loved it all. Such a chilled out atmosphere, the dancing was such a good starter cos it put us all on the same level. Not that we weren’t already but when you’re doing the same silly things it just brings a fun vibe out.

I was nicely surprised by the performance of it after, because that kind of impromptu in the room impetus to perform often makes me nervous and anxious but you’d managed to create an environment where it wasn’t those things and was fun, so that was nice. The open, honest group discussion towards the end about the purpose of drinking was wonderful. Felt like a real sharing moment.

Feedback from participants at the Evening with Savvy B Public Workshop October, Bamburgh House Newcastle 3rd October 2015.