Dawn Felicia Knox and Nicola Hunter. Presented by Dawn Felicia Knox


Nicola Canavan created ‘Raising the Skirt’ from a place of extensive research into the historical links between the vulva and power as well as from a deeply personal place of overcoming judgement that was placed on her own body. ‘Raising the Skirts’ began as a three-day workshop funded by the Live Art Development Agency. The workshop was a deeply intimate space, focused on observing, learning about and reclaiming the cunt. Dawn Felicia Knox documented all aspects, bearing witness to the personal journeys of each woman.

Dawn Felicia Knox and Nicola Canavan present their project ‘Raising the Skirt’ including an exhibition of powerful images from the 2015 workshop.

Born in North East England, Nicola Hunter (formerly, Nicola Canavan) has been performing and showing work nationally and internationally since 2007 within programmes such as Momentum Festival (Brussels), ]performance s p a c e[ (London), Inbetween Time Festival (Bristol), City of Women (Ljubljana) and SPILL National Platform (Ipswitch). Her artistic practice is rooted in action based performance and investigates themes around feminism, abjection and ritual with a focus on interpreting or creating experiences in her own body. Canavan has been awarded the Artsadmin Bursary and the Artists International Development Fund. Her work has been supported by Unlimited, LADA and the Pacitti Company.  

Dawn Felicia Knox is an artist and curator. American by birth, she is now based in North East England. Her artwork is a distillation of found and constructed narratives using ephemera, found objects, photography, oil paint and sculpture to create art objects and environments. Knox has shown her work in a wide range of traditional and non-traditional environments such as the Great North Museum, the Castle Keep, The Mining Institute, projected across a derelict mine and hidden in shelves of the Lit and Phil Library. Her work is research driven yet steeped in wonder.

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Photo: Chris Bishop