Composed Pre-Show Information

Composed Pre-Show Information

Rosa Postlethwaite is an artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. At GIFT Festival 2018 she is performing Composed, a 45 minute performance that is made up of short cabaret acts. The show takes place in Caedmon Hall which is inside the Gateshead Central Library.

Inside Caedmon Hall 

You will come into a room with a large performance space and raked seating. There are wheelchair accessible seats in the front row.

It is a Relaxed Performance, so you can make noise and move around as much as you want throughout the show. During the performance you can leave if you want to and come back in at anytime. There will be a room near the hall that an usher can take you to if you would like to be in a quiet space.

The Performer 

Rosa is the only performer. She wears a red suit, red shoes and red lipstick. During the show Rosa enters the stage to perform eight different acts. Each of these acts are based on a traditional theatre ritual and involve her giving a speech.

The Voiceover 

A voiceover describes what is happening for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Live Captioning 

Everything spoken during the shown appears as text on a screen at the back of the stage.

Loud Sounds 

There are recordings of people laughing and applause played loudly during the show. Rosa screams for a long time once. You might want to use ear defenders at these times which are available from the front desk before and during the show from the ushers.


There are two occasions in which the audience are asked to do a particular action.

  1. Rosa performs a poem to music and invites the audience to rub their hands together and press their palms together. You may do this if you want but there is no pressure to.
  2. Rosa gives out feedback forms. You can write down what you think and feel about the performance if you want but again, it does not matter if you do not.

Content/Trigger Warning 

Warning: Contains references to sexual harassment and institutional violence.

Contains loud prolonged scream.

Age Guidance 14+

Composed Access Considerations

  • The venue is wheelchair accessible.
  • The performance is a Relaxed Performance – you can make noise and move around.
  • You can go in and out of the show when you want.
  • The show is captioned.
  • Audio description is part of the performance.
  • Ear defenders are available from the front desk.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome. If you have an allergy to dogs please let the venue know in advance.
  • There is a quiet room near the hall if you would like to be somewhere calm.
  • Please contact Rosa at if you have any additional access requirements.